Cripsey Tussle

Daniel is back!!!!  Our resident youngster joins us for another episode of questions and laughs. 

Happy birthday to superfan Cripperella!!

This week DJ of O* M*** Podcast joins us for a night of strange tattoos and torture tutorials. 


Self Reflection

This week’s episode is sponsored by Ballsy Brand.  To purchase the “I’m Nuts About You” gift set and check out their products, visit  Use coupon code SHADE20 for 20% off your order. 

Petty Kash upgrades our relationship tool boxes and we reflect on the heartbreaking loss of a legend.


The Shadee Ladies push through as one of the sisters is having a really tough week.  Enjoy!!


Dedicated to Percy Van Wright.  Thank you for loving and supporting us.  You will truly be missed.

I Am Deondre

An in-depth conversation on the importance of physical communication.  Enjoy!

This week's highlights include:

- The Sister Wives Fight Club

- Some of the most ridiculous advice questions we've ever heard

- Soundtrack of the Week dedication to a late legend

The Shadee Ladies are back for a little bit of tea and a whole lotta shade!

Longtime friend of the show Superfly Mixx joins us for a year end recap. 

Prayers Required

The Shadee Ladies enjoy a few cocktails and run down a hefty sick and shut in list.



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