This week the Shadee Ladies are joined by their future husbands for a very interesting, and slightly triggering, episode.  Enjoy!
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Duck Hunt

Pick A Side

This week's highlights include:
- The Shadee Ladies start brainstorming the necessities for a proper revolution
- Nae has a praise report about a wish that she spoke into existence a few episodes back
- Some really trifling and delusional listener letters

This week we are joined by DJ XO.  Highlights include:

- Some Reality Tea inspired prayer

- We effortlessly annoy our guest just because we can

- A bunch of social media based listener letters

In case you weren't able to make our very first live show, or you attended and just want to relive the fun......enjoy!


Special thanks to:

Producer/engineer -- Relli

Resident TITS guy -- Daniel

DJ -- Q King

Production team -- Nia of Black Branded Corp & the one and only Ms Kim Kim

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The amazing vendors -- Inclusive Randomness, Eden & Marie, Inner Vibe Spa, Glow by Khia, Happy Bootz, & Chef Sonya Mo

And our super dope, hilarious audience.  Thank you for all of the love and support!

The Shadee Ladies push through a rough week in their personal lives to deliver some much needed laughs.  Highlights include:
- Prayers for a special supporter and the reality show chirren
- We try to convince Relli to cooperate if a divorce happens
- A moment of reflection and gratitude
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Thank you for listening!!

Real Hot Girl Sh*t

This week Daniel joins us for an entire episode that includes:
- We look into the City Boys vs Hot Girls match off 
- We try to conjure up feelings for ASAP Rocky
- A Reality Tea recap 

SiSi joins us as we catch up over the last few weeks of foolishness, including:
- Preference vs discrimination
- What really makes cheating a dealbreaker
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Take A Wild Guess

In the name of self-care, this week is mini  episode dedicated solely to Shadee Opinions.  Petty Kash and Daniel add their own spin to the answers and you won't be disappointed.
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Not With My Kidney

This week's highlights include:
- The dumbest Real Househusband in America
- A listener letter that describes the ultimate betrayal
- We unpack the season finale of Braxton Family Values
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Thanks for listening.  Enjoy!

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